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An in-development advanced chiptune music software. WaveTracker lets you draw in up to 100 custom sound waves, and use them in up to 100 custom instrument presets. It also features 24 sound channels, a multitude of effects, importing and editing audio samples, and a built-in song visualizer.
To the left is a demo of the visualizer, playing an arrangement I made of fearofdark's "Rolling Down the Street, In My Katamari".

Wonderflower screenshot


The first and most popular game I released, Wonderflower is a 30-40 minute long game about a girl named Sherbet and her cat, Gelato, trying to plant a flower in a flower-less city. Features a cast of memorable characters, lighthearted dialogue, and a metroid-style map progression.
Made with Unity, coded in C#, Music made with FL Studio 20, and all visuals drawn in Aseprite.

> Play Wonderflower on itch.io

Mini Tanks screenshot

Mini Tanks

A short p5.js tanks game that features 16 unique levels where the player must eliminate all enemy tanks to move on.
All graphics drawn in Aseprite; Music and SFX in Famitracker 0CC, levels created in Tiled, and coded in p5.js

> Play Mini Tanks on itch.io

Street Pool

An experimental first person implementation of pool that takes place on a city street. Made in Unity.

Water-Pipe Organ screenshot

Water-Pipe Organ

Inspired by Wintergatan's marble machine and Daisuke Amaya's "Rain", the pipes will drip water onto the instruments to play a song: ("Yakan Kouro" by fox capture plan). You can click the faucets to turn on and off the different instruments. Silence an instrument and then click above it to play along for yourself.
Graphics drawn in Aseprite, and the whole thing was coded in p5.js. The arrangement of "Yakan Kouro" I made in Famitracker 0CC and then imported the stems as .txt files into the project.

> Launch Water-Pipe Organ

Crosley Singing Machines screenshot

Crosley Singing Machines

An interactive piece made for the Trenton Free Public Library. Each machine was made by the Crosley Machine Company. The machines can be turned on and off to create a small rhythm.
Made with Unity, all graphics drawn in Aseprite, and audio assembled in FL Studio 20.

> Launch "Crosley Singing Machines"

Goo screenshot


Goo is a p5.js experiment with an alternative way to tell time, using a tactile "touch" experience. The goo starts out very soft and malleable and gets firmer and more volatile as the day goes on. You're able to get a rough idea of what time it is only by interacting with the goo. How solid it feels indicates how late in the day it is, and the pitch of the sound it makes indicates how far into the hour it is.

> Launch Goo

Spudbud screenshot


Spudbud is a very small game I worked on with my friends over a weekend for Global Game Jam 2023. I was only responsible for the programming, but we had a lot of fun! You play as a potato who can grow or shrink through his roots. You need to collect water in order to grow the roots while also avoiding yellow fungus, worm missiles, and spiders.

> Play spudbud