Elias Ananiadis


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I compose music for both my own projects and for other people!
Here are some examples of the music I've written:

Gemini Prime

I was the composer and sound designer on the team for GEMINI PRIME, a finalist and judge's award pick in the 2023 Bigmode Game Jam.
The game has many different gameplay modes that interact with each other, and the music changes dynamically depending on which modes are active.


Using modern production techniques, combining traditional orchestral instruments and synthesizers, these tracks range from upbeat funk/rock to jazz to full orchestral pieces.


Staying true to the hardware limitations and quirks of retro game consoles, or sometimes breaking the rules a bit! Most of these tracks were made with old school tracker software and can be played on hardware like the Famicom.


Heavy hitting basses and pumping sidechained pads. These tracks each have carefully designed synth textures and are mixed to provide the highest quality electronic sound.